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Have you just won a Vintage Home Stores ebay auction?

Hey congratulations, you have won one of our ebay auctions well done you!

This page is dedicated to show you how to proceed with your transaction and to make sure everything happens seamlessly and within the timescales we advertise on all our listings - so just scroll on through and if you have any questions we have a TEXT ONLY Line (open 0800hrs-2100hrs) 07843 235396 or drop us an email


To pay for your item please click the PAY FOR YOUR EBAY ITEM HERE icon on the top of this page.  We don't use ebay managed payments as it's a blumming nightmare for retailers so do not pay through ebay as it will be refunded.  If you are collecting you can pay CASH on collection - please bring the correct money as we won't have change (nobody has ever paid cash in the past 2 years but the option is there for you). You can still use PAYPAL CREDIT - just choose the option at checkout.  You didn't buy the item on our site therefore no coupon code will apply. 


Really really easy as all the information regarding collection is clearly published on all our ebay listings.  We are open every Thursday 9am - 2pm by appointment only.  Just message us ( or TEXT us (07843 235396) - we just need your name and your postcode.  When you collect you must bring with you the collection code ebay sent you - this keeps everything secure through ebay.  The day will never alter it will always be a Thursday 9am - 2pm. Its clearly advertised too so please don't pretend you weren't aware and try to change it as no matter how loud you shout - it will always be no (we shout back by the way haha).

Address:  Unit 5, Millholm, Skelton Ind Estate, TS12 2ZJ.  
What3Words:  ///


To be perfectly if you are not using our courier then you are asking for trouble.  Working with the foreign drivers that ANYVAN and SHIPLY use is just one massive headache and one we don't recommend, advocate or support.  They will say they can do the job, take your money then never collect as they will say they don't have a van in the area on a Thursday 9am - 2pm.  We have had them ringing us at midnight saying they are here to collect - we always politely tell them to go away as we don't live anywhere near the depot.  Please please dont use ANYVAN or SHIPLY it will end in disaster for you - however if you insist its Thursday 9-2 and make sure they have blankets and packaging (as they never do) or they will smash your item to bits.  Once the item leaves our doors it's your problem I'm afraid.  You will need to send them the collection code ebay sent you - we will not release goods without it because when your item arrives smashed you will try to claim off us as the anyvan / shiply couriers will never allow a claim on insurance - just to protect us form them.


100% reliable - look at our feedback!  We do everything for you - just pay for your item and then we will take over from there.  Once we have a slot which is always in the lead times we offer, we will message you and send you on over to the Teesside10 website to both confirm the slot and also pay the delivery fee - head on over there now to have a look.  Been using this company for over 10 years and have never had one single problem.  All of the standards of delivery are clearly listed on our ebay listings, the Teesside10 website and also the Confirmation you get from Teesside10 so you know what to expect.  Remember we do everything for you - all you need to do is confirm and pay for delivery once we send you a day - so simple.

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