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5 Reasons why you should be buying Vintage Furniture by Vintage Home Stores....

Buying Vintage Furniture by Vintage Home Stores

Vintage Home Stores supplies Vintage Furniture Online and delivers secondhand furniture in London for the best price in the UK so the next time you are looking for secondhand furniture online make sure you visit

The Best Way To Buy Vintage Furniture Online by Vintage Home Stores

You could gather all of your available store credit, nip down to flat-pack city or one of those fancy high street furniture retailers, you know the ones with oodles of fancy lights, cheesy salespeople that make you feel you're not worthy to shop there (even though you earn 3 times what they do) and marketing that make them and not their products aspirational - to fill yer boots with their idea of cool. Or you could take a step back and take a look at the type of house you live in - say a 1950's Semi, a quaint Cottage or Victorian Street House for instance - then mix your furniture with furniture in keeping with your surroundings. Maybe you live in Yorkshire and fancy some cool Yorkshire Oak Furniture, or in the East Midlands and fancy some Vintage Ercol Furniture or in London and want to go for the funky Vintage Retro Furniture look. Its about home and its about you - its not about someone else's idea of cool. You can mix up modern furniture and great quirky Vintage Furniture to really make your house stand out from all your friends and neighbors.

Buying Used Secondhand Vintage Furniture Online

Hey, don't want to scream the obvious here, but a cool Vintage Sideboard can be as little as £50. If you went to your local fancy furniture shop, you may be able to afford a candle for £50 and literally watch your money burn away. You see its about looking beyond the piece. Sure at Vintage Home Stores we have really cheap items that can go straight into your home and at once to look quirky and cool, but you can also personalize them to make them fit in with your decor, your theme, your taste. Only you know it cost £50 - other people may think you paid a ton more for it.

Vintage Furniture

You can make money on it

Here at Vintage Home Stores we are a little different to most Vintage Furniture Dealers, you see we make our money a different way and would rather clear some of the thousands of items we have to really great people like you. Some of our customers keep it and simply love it for years to come, others fall in love with an items shape, and put their own personal stamp on it then the really creative customers buy their Vintage Furniture Online through Vintage Home Stores and resell it for a profit on their own site or on Facebook. We have some super creative customers that love to sell Painted Furniture Online and some ultra creative ones that see a piece they love and change its use completely. Last month a customer bought 6 Chest of Drawers so he could turn them into Bathroom Vanity Units like this. So when you look through Vintage Home Stores, don't just think about where the piece will go in your home, think about how much money you could make on it by getting a little messy!

Vintage Furniture
Vintage Furniture

If You Have Ever Thought About Buying Vintage Furniture Online You Need to Read This

Hey you are all quick to curse Philip Green and the high cost of Fast Fashion to the environment, economy and the welfare of its workers. However you wouldn't think twice about nipping to your fancy high street retailer to purchase an item of furniture that's made in equally terrible conditions in countries such as India and Indonesia. The next time you are in your big fancy store, just remember the real cost of that piece to the people that actually make it. Having come from a High Street Retailer many years ago I am all to aware of the conditions your furniture is made. In particular those quaint solid mahogany, teak and mango items that your fancy retailer is selling for £100 to entice you. Take into account freight costs, packaging, manufacturing, transport, staffing and warehousing - that £100 piece probably cost in the region of £10-£20 to make. Can you imagine what the workers are getting paid, can you imagine how hard life is to get through the day for them so your high street retailer can make money for their growth and dividends. Then there is the way your big fancy retailers cut corners so they can make more money with no regard for the environment, take this company that was found to be shipping their high end furniture using illegally harvested timber. Or maybe this well known retailer that was fined £1m for Health and Safety failings. Hey we all appreciate big business is hard but maybe we should just stop and think about how and where you spend your money. Please remember there is another option, a better one that costs less, offers just as much choice and won't literally cost the earth - one like Buy Vintage Furniture Online!

Vintage Furniture

Vintage Home Stores Makes Buying Vintage Furniture Easier

I'm going to let you into a secret... One of our customers purchased a new Leather Sofa from a High Street retailer for a show-home we were working on in Shore-ditch. Have to say it looked great and wasn't that expensive. However in order to get it into the apartment (24th floor!) it had to be taken apart to go in the lift. It had zips on it so you could really look inside and to our utter horror the arms were made from compressed cardboard. Furthermore the Leather Sofa was not actually made of Leather? The frame, sides and backs were made of PU, the seat cushion and back cushion facing panels were leather and the rest of the cushions were PU - so that's a Leather Sofa with only about 20% in it made of leather. That's not all - the same apartment had a Dining Table that was sold as solid Oak - however looking underneath the grain patterns didn't match so we investigated. The frame was Oak but the panels inside the table were Chipboard with Oak Veneer. Companies are all out to mislead and con you so they can make more profit. Compare this to buying a Vintage Oak Sideboard that's made from actual Oak, or a Vintage Leather Chesterfield Sofa thats made from actual Leather. Antique furniture used solid timbers mostly so it lasts longer and retains its stability - we took a Vintage Mahogany Wardrobe to six different projects and it still looks amazing - have you ever tried to move your flat-pack wardrobe that many times? Come on buy vintage furniture it looks great, feels amazing, last forever (you don't see many people leaving IKEA wardrobes to family in their wills!), it's cheaper and you can always resell it!

Vintage Furniture
Vintage Furniture

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