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A bit of Royalty here at Vintage Home Stores

Here we have a rather stunning set of chairs attributed to Richard Roberts Chairs circa 1714-1729. These stunning Richard Roberts Dining Chairs (attributed) are made from Solid Walnut and when inspected you can see the original chisel marks from when they were hand carved at the Royal Chair in Marleybone London. The Richard Roberts Chairs (attributed) are adorned with a central splat back decorated with Chinese style carvings, Cabriole Legs with carved shoulders and the familiar Hoof Feet. Strangely this style was classed as Indian due to their unique Richard Roberts carvings which curves into the small of the back.

When you research Richard Roberts Chairs you will see these bear a striking resemblance to a set currently held at Hampton Court Palace where they were originally created for George I Dining Room - in fact they were part of a set of a set of 10, so that means somewhere in the world there are 7 of them - one hopes these are part of the missing 7 but one can never be 100% sure.

It is noted that Richard Roberts Royal Cabinetmaker did make a number of chairs during this period when this style was in vogue, however this style are the only Richard Roberts Chairs who's attributes embellish all 3 traits - Curved Back, Upholstered Seats and Carving.

Later during the William III period Daniel Marot did craft similar chairs however you will note when compared that the forward facing feet and carvings do differ somewhat, as well as the thickness of the Cabriole Leg Shoulders which adorned Richard Roberts Chairs.

Richard Roberts took over from his father the court chair-maker Thomas Roberts (d.1714) and traded at 'The Royal Chair' in Marylebone Street, Westminster. Other notable commissions included a suite of twenty-three chairs and two sofas for Sir Robert Walpole, later 1st Earl of Orford (d. 1745) for Houghton Hall, Norfolk.

Further reading:

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  • Pair of Richard Roberts Chairs at Sotherbys - £40k - £60k est

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  • Set of 12 Richard Roberts Chairs associated with the Roberts Family sold at auction £31k (2013)

  • Pair of Richard Roberts Chairs sold at Christies $83650.00 (2002)So if you want to be as posh as every other Duresta customer - get saving today!

Stephen Currie


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