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Save money on dressing your home

Yes of course you can take a wee trip to your local high street and splash your cash on the latest sale offers they are promoting. However no matter which shop you choose to get ripped off by, you will never grab a bargain like you will at Vintage Home Stores.

Take this Tetrad Blake Brown Leather Sofa, new you would be spending £2349 and even when they tempt you in with various SALE promotions, you are still looking at £1800-£2000.

Wouldn't it be great if you could buy one of these pre used, with delivery to your home all for under £350? Well thank's to Vintage Home Stores now you can.

We have some amazing pieces of Vintage Furniture and Used Furniture all for sale at a fraction of the cost when new, and whats best is we offer the same levels of service that your fancy retailer does.

Yes you can pay by Credit / Debit Card, Yes is delivery is available to almost any British address, Yes it's in stock now, Yes the one on the image is the one you are buying and Yes its by far the cheapest in the UK.

So if you want to start saving money on Vintage, Used and Retro Furniture, make sure you visit Vintage Home Stores


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