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Why should you buy Second Hand Furniture

Here are the Vintage Home Stores top 10 reasons why Used Furniture is the best idea for you and your home

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Its way cheaper than the Furniture Supermarkets

Listen times are hard and have been for quite a while and inflation is at its highest for 40 years, so saving money where we can has become not only a priority but also a necessity.  Now the Furniture Superstores with their fancy lights, suited salespeople and clever branding will try and tell you to save money by getting things on credit - this is super super bad for you trust me!  Yes we all like nice things and have to pay for them, but to get into debt over something that you sit on which will depreciate faster than a Ford Focus is ludicrous.  So take a look through your local classifieds and our site just to see what you can buy and just how cheap it all is.  Plus if you want to spread the cost you can always use the Paypal pay in 3 option which doesn't charge interest unlike the High Street hustlers!

You can mix and match your style

There is nothing better than mixing both old and new styles to create the perfect look in your home.  We recently styled a photoshoot in a swanky new pad in Soho and it looked super duper.  We had a fancy Leather Sofa and Aviator Chair mixed with a Retro G Plan Furniture Coffee Table and Art Deco Round Display Cabinet - add your accessories and hey presto a unique living space that will wow everyone who comes in.  So mix it up and create a talking point (oh and save a blooming fortune).

Its great for the environment

In the UK over 22 million pieces of furniture are discarded each year and the majority of that is sent direct to landfill. This my friends is ridiculous and another crazy statistic for you is the North London Waste Authority estimate that less than1-10 would consider repairing their furniture.  Arghhhhhh if your car breaks do you get it repaired or do you throw it out and get a new one? This equates to 1.6 million tonnes of Bulky Waste (42% Furniture which equates to 670000 tonnes and 19% Textiles which equates to 310000 tonnes).  Way way too much, hey 32% of all bulky waste is useable in its current state (so that means you are throwing away stuff that someone will just love) and 51% needs repairing - hey take up a furniture repair hobby!  When the Tik Tok generation decided that fast fashion was their next crusade they got behind it and tried to force restrictions on mass produced clothes.  However retailers can say they can plant a tree or lessen their carbon footprint and we are all supposed to be thankful.  Come on we need to get the UK falling in love with second hand furniture and fall out of love of mass produced flatpack rubbish that contains less wood than a pencil.

You can make it your own?

We are so lucky here at Vintage Home Stores as we have 3 main styles of customer.  Firstly those who love the idea of buying second hand furniture as it just such a bargain, secondly the studios and retailers we work with who use our stock to dress projects and resell and thirdly those amazingly creative people who see the item as a blank canvas.  Look at you room and decide what item you need, then go to those posh retailers and find the style / colour / wood you want.  Then the clever stuff begins!  Click through our site of any Second Hand Furniture site for that matter and look for the shape that matches your vision.  Then buy it, take it home and have some fun replicating the colours you have set your heart on.  Hey presto you have got what you wanted plus you've had some fun in the process and saved a boat load of money!

Its much better made then new furniture

Did you know that some furniture manufacturers actually use compressed cardboard to shape the arms of your trendy sofa?  Did you know some well known furniture brands dont use any wood in their wooden furniture?  Did you know that a lot of retailers sell you a sofa as leather when in reality its leather facing so only leather is used on the seat and back facing panels, the rest is faux leather? Hey vintage and antique furniture was made when all these modern manufacturing processes weren't even invented so chances are, if its a leather sofa its made of leather and likewise with an Oak Sideboard actually being made of Oak and not veneer.  How many retailers over the past 10 years have been fined for misrepresentation?  Honestly when you're shopping in these high end places just make sure you check and double check before you part with your dosh

It has super low depreciation

11 Months ago Vintage Home Stores sold a Duresta Sofa to a lucky customer for £250 - that sofa new was £4000.  When she decided to change the sofa to match the new look of the room, she advertised the sofa and sold it for £250.  So just taking that one example, she lost nothing on the sofa she bought form Vintage Home Stores - but.... the unlucky person who bought it new lost over £3700.  Hey with companies like us you know you are buying right so chances are you wont loose much money when you decide to change, so go on live your best life and be frivolous, you can afford to be when you buy second hand furniture

You don't have to wait months for it

One of my neighbours complained to me that they ordered a sofa from a well known fancy retailer in 2020 and were quoted 12 weeks.  That 12 weeks turned out to be 7+ months.  Of course they blamed everything form weather, shipping, global shortage of leather (haha that's a new one), staff and of course manufacturers holidays.  However when they tried to cancel they were told they couldn't - of course they could off if they got more assertive which with my help they did, but I just imagine more senior shoppers, would they have the confidence to stick it to the man and stand up for their consumer rights?  All the Vintage Home Stores Furniture is in stock NOW - so if you want it you can come and collect it every Thursday 9am - 2pm or you can get it delivered in the lead times we advertise - simples.

You are not going to be stuck with it

Like we said above, chances are if you advertise it and sell it you wont be loosing much if any money so it's a far easier decision to change it for another second hand piece of furniture.  However just because you are bored with it doesnt mean you are stuck with it - hey you didn't pay much so experiment and get creative.  After all you may be bored of the look but not the style - so just change how it looks!  There are some great paints, finishes, fabrics etc etc so go and make the piece you really love.  Then when you get bored of it do it again and again.  Now thats recycling furniture right there!

Your room will look unique

We have had customers buy chest of drawers and make them into freestanding bathroom sinks with storage. We  have had many people by vintage cocktail cabinets to turn them into Gin Bars or joined 3 dining chairs together to make a funky bench.  The beauty with buying secondhand is the stock is only as limited as your imagination.  There are some super talented people out there that can really make some unique piece with the starting piece being a cheap second hand piece of furniture

No Packaging to deal with

We have all seen the fancy furniture trucks from the fancy furniture stores turn up with your new furniture.  They drop it off and then vanish into the distance leaving you with 3 car fulls of unwanted packaging to get rid of!  That's terrible for you but even worse for the planet!  All our furniture is delivered protected in re-usable furniture blankets which helps keep the item safe during transport and because we use them time and time again its way way better for the planet

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