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second hand furniture middlesbrough

  Second Hand Furniture Middlesbrough  

Second Hand Furniture Middlesbrough

The world is becoming smaller thanks to the advances of technology and more importantly, the way in which small businesses like Vintage Home Stores learn to adapt in order to offer a local service to a nationwide audience.

Take our small Second Hand Furniture Shop - sure it would be easy for us to concentrate on our local market, hey it would save us a ton of time and hassle.  However we believe that our valued customers whom are looking for Second Hand Furniture Middlesbrough should be able to benefit from our unmatched low prices, super friendly service and above all our generous low cost delivery service to the whole of Middlesbrough

The average delivery price for a Used Furniture Store in Middlesbrough to lets say an address is Stokesley is a whopping £40, here at Vintage Home Stores we are a mere £10 - oh and you can have unto 4 items delivered at that price!  Has to be the cheapest delivery service in the world!

So the next time you are shopping for Second Hand Furniture Middlesbrough remember to check out Vintage Home Stores first - we a whole load of choice for not a lot of money

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