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Where is the best place to find second hand Stag furniture?

How to identify Stag furniture? What wood is Stag Furniture made from? Can I paint Stag Furniture? What era is Stag Furniture? Is Stag Furniture still in business?  All these answered and more

Stag Furniture has been a household name in the UK from the early 1950's when the UK population started to rebuild lives and homes following the war.


The government set up a Utility Scheme where only a select few companies were permitted to manufacture furniture for the UK market. As the name suggests the furniture was pretty basic by todays standards with companies using mass produced materials such as ply and cheaper woods.

Then in the early 1950's Stag Furniture who were one such company started to funk up their designs using more exotic materials and by partnering with established furniture designers like the designers of Stag Minstral Furniture - John and Sylvia Reid.


Both were celebrated designers and after they had some winning designs under their belt such as the very sought after C Range and Madrigal (both are highly sought after today), the Minstral was born using Makore which is also known as African Cherry. Throughout the trading history of Stag the Minstral remained their best ever Bedroom Cabinet seller keeping the company in business for many years. However as the world grew smaller thanks to companies moving production overseas, Stag was in trouble and despite being bought out by the Spring Ram subsidiary, the company was forced to close its UK manufacturing plants and sell of their designs to set against the £10m+ losses it accrued over its last 3 years trading.

To this day Stag Minstral has a huge cult following thanks to its modern design which is still fresh after over 70+ years and of course super build quality.


Many people keep the cabinet as it is and still admire its simplistic look, however the creative bunnies amongst us use only the shape to help create some super pieces of Shabby Chic Style furniture art.


So if its modern Bedroom Furniture you are looking for that's built to last generation and dont want to support the manufacturing industries obsession with making things so cheap they are unlikely to last a few months let alone 70+ years, the Stag Minstral Bedroom Furniture is one to watch

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