Terms of Business

In order to prevent unnecessary problems and complaints, we think it’s so important to have our terms of business laid out in a normal and coherent way so nothing is hidden in big words and business terminology


What you expect from our items

  1. The Used Furniture contained in our site is used – sounds obvious doesn’t it?  However, you would not believe how many times we get asked – “I see you state the sofa is used, is new condition?”.  The answer is always – No.  If we are advertising a used piece of furniture it will show signs of use commensurate with age.  Any major faults are identified, but please be realistic, you are looking for a used piece of furniture which is why you found us, if you want new and perfect please buy from the High Street and spend lots more.  If you can put up with imperfections which every item we sell will have, then you are in the right place.

  2. If an item is available you can add to your basket and purchase.  If it’s out of stock, you're too late.  There is one of everything so the longer you take to decide the higher the chance you will miss it.

  3. All items are sold as ex props – it is up to you to ascertain if they are suitable for your home.

  4. Any sizes offered are a guide and are not exact.  You are welcome to come along and measure up yourself if you need specific sizes.

  5. There are no guarantee’s or warranties on any item we sell – everything is used and we do not warranty used goods.

  6. Any items with electrical components will have plugs removed – it is up to you to arrange to have a new plug fitted by a suitably qualified person.

  7. Please note we are not a storage company - as soon as we get your order, we will send the details to the carrier and they will be in touch to book delivery within the timescale we advertise.  We do not have the space to hold stock.  One or two people think by deferring delivery is a way to benefit from free storage - we will try twice with delivery dates and if they are refused we will either cancel the order and offer a refund or leave you to arrange your own courier.  I know sounds harsh, but honestly we have been really nice over the past 12 months and its just been abused. 

What to expect from our Furniture Delivery

  1. We offer a delivery service for all items through a third party courier, the details of which are more than clearly listed in the Delivery Section of this site.  Domestic Furniture delivery is the most challenging and demanding part of our business as some customers do not read the level of service we offer and make assumptions.  Please make sure you read our delivery details thoroughly so you know what you are paying for.

  2. Our furniture courier will deliver within the timescale we advertise and will book in advance so you can arrange to make yourself available.  We are not next day so if you need it in a hurry please book your own courier.

  3. We are the cheapest in the UK for furniture freight as you need to fit round our courier, if you insist on stipulating times and days you are available, please book your own courier – or use a dedicated service which is normally £1.50 per mile (minimum charge £200).

  4. We do not advertise a 2 man delivery service so please make sure you have someone available to assist the driver on the day.  If there is nobody to assist the driver, your delivery will be cancelled on the day, you will not receive a refund on delivery charges and you will be liable for a re delivery cost.  Simple really, help the driver on the day as we advertise you need to and everyone is happy.

  5. We need your full address which must contain a door number, road name and a valid postcode.  If you are missing one of the most vital things needed to help find you, please provide delivery instructions.

  6. The times we set are a guide and may change.

  7. If the furniture delivery is cancelled on the day due to matters beyond our control we will not cover any costs such as time off work, people waiting in etc.  

  8. We will only deliver to the address you stipulate as the shipping address.  You can not change the address with the courier, this is to protect us from fraudulent transactions.

  9. You can choose unto 4 items from our site with just one delivery fee.  If you choose more than 4, we will invoice you for the difference (full price for 4 items).  You can NOT mix ebay stock with website stock to count towards your 4 items.  If you purchase from ebay, the delivery prices are clearly shown and its is priced per item.

  10. You are given a date for a furniture delivery, a time slot and the driver will text when he is between 15/30 mins away.  That is enough notice to ensure you are ready for delivery.  The driver will not wait at your address for more than 15 minutes, if you fail to show you will be charged for a re delivery.  The driver will not inconvenience every delivery after you.

  11. Access needs to be suitable (and legal) for a 3.5t or 7.5t furniture delivery vehicle.  The driver will not stop on a red route, double yellow lines, block a road or undertake any practices which are deemed either unsafe or illegal by the driver (yes that also includes if you tell us you know the traffic warden and he is your friend).

  12. Please see point 7 in the section above

What to expect from Collection

  1. We advertise you can collect any Thursday 9am – 2pm.  This is not us being difficult, it’s the ONLY day we work in the North East Storage Depot.  During the rest of the week we could literally be anywhere in the UK providing props and sets.

  2. Every item of furniture we sell is at a loss, we don't pay a member of staff to sit round all day on the off chance people to turn up.  This helps you in the long run, you want cheap furniture, we can provide that but there has to be a sacrifice.

  3. There will always be someone here on a Thursday to help load into your car or van.

  4. Please be realistic with regards to collection – we have had people turning up in a mini cooper to collect a 3 seater sofa.  If in doubt, get it delivered.

  5. We will hold your item for 2 Thursdays after purchase, this gives you enough time to arrange to collect it.  Some people think that by ignoring emails, phone calls and texts asking them to collect their item will prevent them from being charged £1 per item per day after that.  It doesn’t, please work with us and we will work with you.  Our furniture is cheap as we need the space.

  6. We expect sold orders to be collected within 2 weeks without exception.


Can I view you item?

  1. Yes of course, we are open as we state on the listings every Thursday 9am – 2pm


  1. You have to be 18 years of age to use this website

  2. All payments are taken through the website by a third party payment gateway.  We do not offer cash either on collection or on delivery, this is for safety and security.  None of your payment details are retained on our site.

  3. We do not use your information for any other purpose than to keep in touch with you.  Your personal information is deleted 2 weeks after we have delivered your order

  4. Our website uses cookies

  5. All orders placed by the Customer are subject to final acceptance by us.

  6. You do have the right to cancel your order within 7 days of receipt as set out in the Distance Selling Regulations.  You are liable for the safe return of the item back to us and the cost thereof.  If the item reaches us damaged we will store it for you for 7 days then its your responsibility to collect it before storage charges apply.

  7. We reserve the right to cancel a transaction.

  8. We do close for annual leave in August (2 weeks), December (2 weeks) and April (1 week) – the dates will be displayed on our website prior to leave.

  9. If you purchase from this site, we have to assume you have both read and agreed to the Terms of Business we clearly advertise.

  10. For all items that are sent via the postal method, we will use the cheapest service and will wrap your item mostly in recycled packaging to keep costs down.  This means we can offer you FREE delivery on any small item that will fit through a postbox or in a small box (in a postman sack).  A sofa will not fit through your letterbox or in a postman sack so please dont try it on - you just look daft.

  11. Any personal information is retailed for the use of managing your order and will be deleted 2 weeks after your order is delivered.