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A little piece of here at Vintage Home Stores

secondhand furniture London
second hand furniture London

Fresh in is this Orson Sofa form - a deep Blue Weave Howard Style Sofa which looks great in all kinds of setting from the funky modern, quirky vintage through to a more traditional setting.

Now if you were daft enough to buy this new it would set you back a whopping £849 and as far as lead times goes, your guess is as good as mine with all of the New Furniture Store Delays.

Now here is the fun part - we have this stylish Orson Sofa which is good to go at just £249, and if you use vintage10 at checkout, you will save another 10% - now how's that for a great piece of second hand furniture

This won't be around for long, so make sure you visit us today to snap it up before someone else does

Stephen Currie


Vintage Home Stores is one of the leading suppliers of Vintage Furniture Antique Furniture and Quality Used Furniture to the UK markets. Our delivery is amongst the cheapest in the country and all items are in stock ready to go.

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