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Many people use sections like this to blow smoke up their ass.  They like to tell you how they are market leaders, pioneers, entrepreneurs and high flying business people.  Sometimes I wish I could be like that, but then it would go against everything I hold important.

You see i've done furniture high end furniture retail, furniture manufacturing and furniture logistics at senior management and director levels, but no matter how high up I climbed, I realised it's just about margin, profit, turnover and less about old fashioned business, plus you end up with less time with your family - that my friends is the worst part.

So I studied how furniture stores sold, looked at the designs they showcased and looked at how furniture dealers and antique dealers worked.  Then all I did was remove the bad and kept everything that's good.  You see furniture stores offer delivery and attractive designs but but the fake sales, imported crap and dishonest business practices just infuriate me (seriously do people actually believe their sales are genuine, they aren't!).  Dealers have good prices but are unable to take it national or offer the choice and antique stores have some amazing pieces that last a lifetime, but hey their pricing is just plucked out of the air, in many cases it's simply absurd.

This in mind we have modern designs to spark interest and used prices helps keep everything keen, we combine that with some fantastic vintage and antique prices and price them well below anyone else in the UK.  Add to that the option of nationwide delivery just like the big stores so the whole of England can take advantage, and we think we have created the perfect furniture store.

Our furniture is used in homes all over the UK as well as films, theatre sets, photoshoots, shop displays, showhomes, brochures, hotels, bars and many many more places as its so cheap compared to renting or buying new.  We work hard to fit round our customer's needs and are proud to have worked on some amazing projects all over the UK and parts of Europe including some great films, drama's and stage plays. 


So come join us, and start enjoying spending less on making your home interesting - it's time you stood out from the crowd like us.


Steve Currie


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