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About Us

If you're a furniture boffin and you could write your ideal job description what would it be?

Ours goes something like this - Buy tons of used vintage and antique furniture from all over the Uk and Europe, restore some of it, sell some of it, rent some of it to films, rent some to theatres and dress a few show homes up as well as some photoshoots. Drive throughout the UK delivering to consumers and companies alike, meet our fab customers every week at our premises in Skelton and when all that's done, get up and do it again.

You see work is not work for our team, it's a passion.  We adore what we do and we are pretty good at it too!  We have worked with some great people, great companies and some great productions.

We are not your normal High Street Retailer that runs on profit margins from fancy stores with expensive commission led salespeople.  We sell thousands of pieces each year at the best price in the UK - we also sell on eBay where we are one of the largest sellers of used vintage and retro furniture in the North of England, not bad for a little company from Skelton.


So if you need some super furniture at the best price in the UK there is only one place to come - thankfully you found us before your neighbours did!


Have fun shopping and if we can be of any further help, you drop us an email or why not drop us a text on 07843 235396