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I guess this is where we tell you all about how we are market leaders, pioneers in used furniture, biggest in the UK blah blah blah..  Well we aren't - we are just a hardworking bunch that love our unique business.

You see not only do we sell a massive selection of Vintage Furniture (just look through our sold items for a guide as to what you have already missed), we also rent products to theatre, film, photoshoot etc etc which explains why our offering is so varied.

We always have a super choice of Secondhand Used Vintage Antique Furniture at the best price in the UK, and to make shopping even more great value, our delivery is the best in the UK also at only £10 for TS Postcodes, £20 Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland, £42.95 for most of mainland coverage areas which includes London, Manchester, Leeds, Milton Keynes, Luton, Birmingham, Coventry to name but a few (see delivery details for our full coverage map) and that's for unto 4 items on one delivery as long as they are delivered to the same house on the same day.

Come on that's the best choice, lowest prices and cheapest delivery in the UK - what on earth are you waiting for.

So enjoy going through our Vintage Furniture site, and to all our competition whom view our site daily welcome to you too - we hope you find what you are looking for - however remember it's not just about offering the best product at the best price, it's about having the right people doing it.

If this is your first experience with us - check out our feedback on ebay and google and thanks so much for choosing little old us.

Steve Currie