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About Us

We are already established as one of the leading sellers on ebay for great used furniture and online with this site, so we don't really want to waste time promoting ourselves here.  You can visit our ebay page and read over 4800 reviews which will show you that we are great at what we do - we are great because we care.  The other side of our business is the hire of furniture props - we pretty great at that too - so great in fact that we are not taking any further contracts till June 2023!

So we would like to spend a bit of time educating you on one of the hidden treasures of our area.  I say hidden treasure as these guys work tirelessly providing a homely environment for the beautiful dogs that are left abandoned by their humans whom they thought loved them.  Breaks my heart as it's not like they have a choice in the matter, one minute they are playing and enjoying hugs, the next they are left on their own and in some cases just dumped on the streets.

Thankfully Maxis Mates are there to restore their faith in humans, they love them, feed them, walk them and create a super space which helps show the dogs they really matter.

So we would like to ask for your help - we are not doing this for shameless promotion (we haven't even told them!), we are doing this as we care, and we hope you do too.  Whenever you get a delivery from us, please please have a bag of dog food or a bag of treats to give to your driver, then we will match your donation and drop it off.  It's not a lot, but it's a nice feeling when someone has your back, and it's even nicer to know someone else values and admires what you do.  So thank you Maxis Mates

Happy Christmas everyone, and thanks for spending your hard earned money with us, we truly appreciate it.

Steve Currie