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Check out our sister site if you have furniture to sell

Where is the best place to sell my second hand furniture?

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Hey did you know that we are one of the largest buyers of Second Hand, Vintage Furniture, Antique Furniture and Commercial Furniture in the North East?  We use the hundreds of items we buy each week in our projects, store some of it for future use, sell some of it and rent some of it, so we are always on the lookout for some great pieces that you have fallen out of love with. 

Whilst we won't be buying everything that comes our way - we do buy over 70% of items we are introduced to - a lot of it we don't need or the market isn't ready for it yet, but that wont stop us collecting it - hey what can I say we are a bunch of hoarders!

The other 30% of enquiries are mainly form people trying to sell rubbish, stuff the charity shops dont take for free and furniture thats just so overpriced it would be cheaper to buy new - we one had a chancer trying to sell a sofa for £500 that was still on sale for £399. We can honestly say that the sensibly priced items are purchased and we cover the cost of collection too.

So if you are looking to sell some furniture to make some room in your home, cash in your old furniture for money or looking to upgrade your existing furniture visit our sister site Buying Guide:

In order for to reply we MUST HAVE the following information, without it we WILL NOT to respond


  • PICTURES - The better the picture the more we can appraise it which in return will give you a better price

  • DESCRIPTION - Tell us as much as you can about the item and the condition.  Sorry but we don't buy from homes where tobacco is used indoors.  We do not conduct on site appraisals as we are national - we buy from your information without seeing it)

  • POSTCODE - We pay to have the items brought to us, so without this we can't price up how much this will cost us

  • PRICE - You need to give us a price and please don't say "we dont know" as everyone does, you would quickly say no if we offered you a tenner!  Also be realistic, we get thousands of items offered every month and we always choose the best value for our customers - if you have tried all the other selling channels and still haven't sold it, then you are wanting too much for it and nobody will buy it.  We are furniture experts and are very accurate appraising prices, we do it for insurance companies so we have to be on the ball.

So head over to today and start clearing away stuff you dont want so you can get cash to buy the things you need

Items we wont buy include: Anything Flatpack, Argos, items someone has painted, things people overprice (we have released a blog on this!), Wall Display Units like your Nan had in the 1980's (Charity Shops don't take them for free), Reproduction Dining Sets (can't give them away for free so please no more emails asking us to but them for £300+) and items you put plain stupid prices on (nobody is going to buy your 10 year old battered SCS Sofa for £500 so don't waste your time trying us).  We dont buy Beds, Mattresses or Wardrobe.  We have helped hundreds of people by purchasing stuff they no longer need and we have declined hundreds of items that are just plain ridiculous.  

Remember you have tried selling on Facebook but nobody wants it, you have tried Gumtree but still no takers and you have tried ebay and yet again nobody will buy it.  We are your last hope so dont waste this opportunity by trying your arm with a daft price as we will just refuse it and thats it - you will have to throw it away or give it to a charity shop and you get nothing.


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