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A Suite that wouldn't look out of place in a Palace

New to the site is this super Rococo Style heavily Carved 3 Seater Louis Style Sofa with 2 matching chairs. This super piece of vintage furniture is perfect for rooms where you need to make a big impact. The mahogany carvings really do set this piece off from the later copies and it would look perfect either recovered or cleaned and brought back to its former glory.

When our client asked for one of these we searched high and low for something that fulfilled their brief to the letter, sure there are a ton of cheaper copies around, but they just don't have the impact on screen that this one did.

Dealers were wanting £1700-£2500 for a set like this but our client just didn't have the budget, so finally this came up, yes we had to travel hours to buy it, and we did save a few hundred but hey everything worked. This is not for sale at a fraction of what it cost, so fill your boots while you can, things like this don't come up every day.

Stephen Currie


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