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Need some help with Romance in the bedroom?

If your partner has ever said they need more Romance in the bedroom, don't stress because as your own personal Mr Lover Lover man, I will translate that into blokey English right now especially for you.

Don't waste your time with soft music, candlelight, gentle music, satin sheets and whispers of sweet nothing as thats not going to cut it. What they are actually saying is they need this Romance Chest of Drawers for the bedroom - seriously I wouldn't lie to you.

Makes sense too - it's practical, attractive, big enough to keep all their crap in and it's cheap to clear too! Result!

So go home and say "Im going to put some Romance into the bedroom as it's beautiful and cheap like you" sweet words like that will bring you a ton of lovin - you know it.

Check out this Romance Chest of Drawers and some other Romance Bedroom Furniture available now at Vintage Home Stores

ps. You're welcome



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