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Other sellers £2800 v's Vintage Home Stores £145. One of us is crazy, and my mother had me tested.

Hey I know we always go on about how much you can save by shopping with us here at Vintage Home Stores - but if you ever needed proof on just how much you can save by shopping with one of the best Second Hand Furniture companies in the country - just read this!

We are currently selling a super Oak Brutalist Cabinet for the tiny sum of £145 - oh and you can get another 10% OFF using vintage10 at checkout. Its a great price for a quality piece of Oak Furniture that was produced in 1950-1970 with tons of storage and the looks of a prestigious Country House. So... would I shock you if I told you there was another site selling the same piece for £2800 - plus to add even more shock factor... someone has bought it! Yes some unlucky person has forked out £2800 for a piece we are selling for £145.

But don't be taking my word for it - after all you could be fooled into thinking this could be some kind of PR Stunt to shame the competition - well just click this link to see for yourself - 1st dibs Brutalist Cabinet at £2800

We are not in this to make "BP" type profits, we are here to clear some fantastic furniture at the best price in the country with the best delivery service in the country -

We have been in the space for the past 15 years and have sold many thousands of interesting products to all kinds of people - from people like you and I through to singers, actors and even a few millionaire business people. You see buying second hand furniture is not just a way to save money - sometimes in the only way to get quality period pieces into your home - after all you can't furnish a 19th century cottage in IKEA can you!

Remember all furniture gets 10% EXTRA DISCOUNT when you purchase using our discount code vintage10, and to make things even more affordable our delivery prices are the best in the country.

So head on over to Vintage Home Stores today

Steve Currie


Vintage Home Stores is one of the leading suppliers of Vintage Furniture Antique Furniture and Quality Used Furniture to the UK markets. Our delivery is amongst the cheapest in the country and all items are in stock ready to go.

Be sure to check us out on and also on our socials Facebook and Instagram.


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