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So... how much can you really save with Vintage Home Stores?

Vintage Home Stores
Vintage Home Stores

Hey we're somewhat biased of course, but you will save such a ton of money by swapping the fancy lights of the high street with the glowing lights of you PC Monitor and the world of Vintage Second Hand Furniture.

Here at Vintage Home Stores we have a shed load of choice from second hand designer furniture through to some antique furniture finds of some quirky Vintage Furniture and Retro Furniture pieces.

We have a customer who sums up exactly what Vintage Home Stores is all about - you see he has 5 holiday rental properties in the South of England. Two of them are fancy apartments in Camden and Kew and 3 are in Hampshire. He has furnished all of them with the exception of beds thanks to yours truly. He tells us its amazing to furnish 5 distinctly different properties with 5 distinctly different looks and get them all delivered around when he's there. The Camden pad is a funky exposed brick and vintage retro paradise, the Kew is a posh designer pad with some great second hand designer pieces, one of the Hampshire properties is a Country Farmhouse so loads of real wood and the other two are period properties full of antique furniture mixed with the odd designer piece.

He has saved a small fortune - he found us when he was about to buy a Barker and Stonehouse Sofa and found we were selling the same one for £1700 less - yes you read that right! Since then he has purchased over 200 pieces and boasts he has saved thousands of pounds - best still ours is all here ready to go - not the 12-16 weeks like the high street quotes nowadays.

Come on times are hard for people so rather than not buying that brand new £2k sofa or £1.5k dining suite, buy a used one so you can still experience the change of decor without adding more outgoings to your bank.

Remember the only person that doesn't know you bought it new is you (and us but we are really good at keeping quiet!) - get shopping with Vintage Home Stores

Remember all furniture gets 10% EXTRA DISCOUNT when you purchase using our discount code vintage10, and to make things even more affordable our delivery prices are the best in the country.

So head on over to Vintage Home Stores today


Vintage Home Stores is one of the leading suppliers of Vintage Furniture Antique Furniture and Quality Used Furniture to the UK markets. Our delivery is amongst the cheapest in the country and all items are in stock ready to go.

Be sure to check us out on and also on our socials Facebook and Instagram.


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