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Vintage Furniture North East

second hand furniture London
second hand furniture London

When we first decided to set up our business we realised there wasn't much of a Vintage Furniture scene in the North East - in fact when we started to identify the Vintage Furniture Shops Newcastle and the Vintage Furniture Stores Middlesbrough we soon realised we would be one of the first people to spread our love of Vintage Furniture throughout the area first - and that my friends was an honour!

Now 12 years on we are delighted to see so many Vintage Furniture Shops North East, they all offer customers an amazing choice of really great Second Hand Furniture that was cutting edge when it was designed and still looks cutting edge when its dressed in the right setting today.

Take this stylish iconic Mid Century Chesterfield Sofa in Ochre - yes this is probably older than me, however the unmarked Ochre Deep Button Chesterfield fabric just looks superb - now open the pages of your fancy Home Interest magazines and you will see Ochre is the go to colour this season and high street sofa brands are copying designs like this now and selling them for thousands of pounds.

So if you are one of the many thousands of customers that love Vintage Furniture North East and Second Hand Furniture Newcastle - its time to get clicking on our site right now

Stephen Currie


Vintage Home Stores is one of the leading suppliers of Vintage Furniture Antique Furniture and Quality Used Furniture to the UK markets. Our delivery is amongst the cheapest in the country and all items are in stock ready to go.

Be sure to check us out on and also on our socials Facebook and Instagram.


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