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We're all going on a Summer Holiday!

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

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vintage furniture second hand furniture

It's that time of the year when we close all our distribution and the whole team get out and explore for a few weeks. Sure you can still purchase from our fab site, but freight will not start again until week commencing 5th September and the Warehouse wont be open for collections until Thursday 14th September.

The gang are heading all over doing a whole range of things form Camping, Sunbathing, Walking (yuk), Sightseeing and Watersports and I wish them a relaxing time. After all when they come back we are busy busy busy!

In addition to a coupe of big projects we have in September and October which will see us heading to Europe, we have a ton of new additions going to be hitting the site to keep you all excited.

Hey we stopped listening to the news and don't give two hoots who is going to be the next Prime Minister that will lead us down the garden path with their open promises and backhanders. We dont have a clue why the government thinks its OK that the energy consortiums price gauge and boastfully make billions in extra profit since they started robbing us, and apparently nothing can be done. But hey like I always say Banking, Pharma and Energy sectors will never loose money - too many high powered people have their sticky fingers involved and heaven forbid they take a hit like all of us.

We know the next quarter is going to be hard for everyone and despite our costs increasing fivefold in every sector of our business, we kept our promise to keep prices low and delivery lower - in fact we have dropped them a wee bit to help, and extended the 10% Discount on all our furniture. When all around you is crap, it's nice to indulge in something nice every once in a while to make you remember why you go to work every morning. Life is not just getting the necessities, it's about making home more like home.


Vintage Home Stores is one of the leading suppliers of Vintage Furniture Antique Furniture and Quality Used Furniture to the UK markets. Our delivery is amongst the cheapest in the country and all items are in stock ready to go.

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