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What is an Aniline Leather Sofa?...

An aniline sofa is a type of leather sofa that is made from top-quality leather that is not treated with any pigments or coatings.

Aniline leather is made from the highest quality rawhide and is dyed with transparent dyes to preserve the natural markings and texture of the leather.

The term "aniline" refers to the type of dye used in the tanning process, which is soluble in water and penetrates the leather deeply, resulting in a very natural and soft look and feel.

Aniline leather is often considered the most luxurious and high-end type of leather because of its natural beauty and softness.

Aniline sofas can come in a variety of styles, from modern to traditional, and are often available in a range of colors. Because aniline leather is not coated or treated with pigments, it is more susceptible to scratches, stains, and fading from exposure to sunlight. However, proper care and maintenance can help to minimize these effects and keep your aniline sofa looking beautiful for years to come.

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