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A great stop for Interior Designers Manchester

If you are an Interior Designer that regularly gets asked for pieces to add some character to a space, isn't it time you stopped shopping at those upmarket and high prices antique dealers and salvage hunters and instead directed your efforts to one of the most sought after second hand dealers in the UK.  You see we work all over the UK on all kinds of projects form high end apartments, stately homes through to commercial spaces and bars / nightclubs.  When Interior designers Manchester are looking for a wow piece and they only have a tiny fraction of their budget left, thats where we come in.

We also provide storage facility in the North East and offer a weekly delivery service to Manchester for a lot less than if you bought from a Manchester furniture dealer.  For instance we contacted a dealer in Manchester and asked for a quote to deliver a second hand sofa from Prestwich to Manchester City Centre and were quoted £70 - we can deliver a quality second hand sofa from the North East to Manchester City Centre for £42.95 PLUS you can have another 3 things grouped on that delivery for no extra cost!


Hey we are not trendy hipster city types, we dont have posh voices and we dont order triple barrelled name coffee's when a cuppa will do.  We just work hard to bring you the best deals and best furniture delivery in the UK.

So if you are ready to discover one of the Furniture secrets, click on the link that best describes what you are looking for


Remember all of our Second Hand Furniture here at Vintage Home Stores is carefully handled and delivered by the super team at Teesside10 - why not visit their site to get an idea on who they are and what they do.  Thanks to Teesside10 we can now offer 4 items delivered to your home for one delivery price.  Nobody in the UK can offer value as good as that!

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