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5 Reasons why buying Vintage Furniture is a GREAT IDEA!

There are many reasons why people opt for some really funky Vintage pieces when making their house homely, here are 5 reasons I know Vintage is a super idea.

1. Hey... its cheaper

Lets not ignore the obvious here, but come on it's way cheaper to buy vintage than the new imported stuff you get in the furniture superstores. Would yo rather spend £1500 on an MDF imported mass produced sideboard, or a funky antique one maybe from us at for under £200? I know what I would rather do!

2. Its super cool

No matter what the brochures and fancy adverts for the high street mass furniture sellers say - buying vintage is way cooler. Now i'm not advocating filling your own home with vintage furniture, after all it's not like you want to live in a museum! But by mixing old and new really adds some character to your space. For instance a great modern dining table with some antique chairs always looks great in any setting

3. If you buy right, you aint going to loose!

If you're a clever shopper that knows what you're looking for, and someone that's not going to get taken in by the posh antique shops or smooth talking antique "specialists". You are one of the people that can buy something, live with it for years then sell it for more or less what you paid for it at worst, or maybe even pocked a few quid. One of our smart shoppers recently told us how they bought an old Nathan Sideboard from us back in 2012 for £125 and have recently sold it on ebay for £265. Obviously I'm not speaking to them anymore (only joking Anne) but just goes to show they bought right form so they have more money to spend on their next purchase (incidentally which was a Rococo Sideboard from us).

4. If you get bored, funk it up!

If I were to buy a table and chairs form one of the posh high street brands for £2k (don't worry that will never happen), the thought of painting it when the wife got bored would bring me to tears (or divorce). But if I only paid £100 for the table and chairs from and had 3 years use out of it - hey what's the big deal. The plus side is I get to save money on buying a new one (and use those savings to buy a motorbike to hide in the warehouse without telling the Mrs....), and I can paint it to match whatever colour the Mrs decides to change the kitchen (for the umpteenth time!)

5. Your home should be all about you not the retailer

Nothing frustrates me more than when I go to a friends house and they spout out where an item was from and how much it was each time I mention a piece of furniture (sorry, I'm a furniture boffin). I hate the fact people think the brand is more important than the piece, or that a mass produced item that anyone can buy as they all do credit in their never ending sales, is super special. Sorry it's all bo**ocks! I went to a friends the other month and they said something that I found inspiring (no they never congratulated me on my thinning salt and pepper hair!) - I commented on a piece of furniture that clearly they had painted themselves. Tom told me he picked it up at a car boot sale when they were on holiday and together with his wife sanded it and hand painted it. When they spoke about it you could see the memories and happy thoughts coming back to them, without sounding corny it was lovely. You see a home should be filled with things that remind you of you, or of experiences, places, events, times - anything other than reminding you of a debt that you didn't really need.

Of course I'm a specialist in used, vintage and antique furniture so I actually have hundreds of reasons why vintage and used is better, but if I shared them all it would sound like preaching.

Listen, do yourself, your house, your family and your pocket a favour and mix some vintage with your home. You will thank me one day when you are sat back telling people where you bought something that cheap which is super cool that wont loose money because you funked it up to remind you of how creative you actually are.

Steve Currie


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