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Despite a record high in fuel costs - we promise to keep our freight the same low price

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Hey, families are struggling enough so the last thing we want to do is put any of our prices up. Honestly the state of the fuel market is an utter joke, only 3 months ago it would cost £120 to fill one of our vehicles, now its costing £180 and even more if we are forced to fill up in London or worse, the dreaded motorway service stations - only yesterday we seen £2.16 at the pump and that my friends is sickening!

Listen you have got enough to think about, so unlike every other dealer and retailer in Britain we promise to keep our freight prices exactly the same - no increase, no new rules, no restrictions, no shrinkflation and no hidden charges - just the same great service we have strived to offer throughout the years. All the increases our couriers have experienced have been paid for by me as it's unfair they loose out too, plus I need to keep them in business to help with their families.

Oh and if you think the poor fuel giants must be suffering think again - BP's profits for the first three months of this year have more than doubled after oil and gas prices soared. The energy giant reported an underlying profit of $6.2bn (£4.9bn) compared to $2.6bn in the same period last year - ahead of expectations.

So yes we can blame the government for not helping reduce the amount of tax (currently the government take approx 90p per litre on tax and vat per litre) but how is it possible in a crisis for companies like BP to use our misery and struggling to show such vast vast profits - surely this is not justified, moral or acceptable. We have all felt the pinch, well all of us except the likes of Bernard Looney (CEO BP) who has seen his own and their companies wealth exceed all record growth levels despite what's going on in the world.

I was once told by a very influential person that there are 3 company sectors that will never suffer in an economic crisis - Fuel, Pharma and Banking - so no matter how bad things get for all of us - those corporate monsters will always be protected and we all just sit here and say nothing. Hmmm Fuel shortage so everyone went crazy spending money and boosting fuel profits, pandemic so billions are injected into Pharma and when the Banks struggle who helps them out - remember when Royal Bank of Scotland was 73% owned by the Government and Lloyds was 43% Government owned. Nothing is coincidence its all manipulated, it's just not everyone has woken up yet - but as soon as they do things will change.

Anyway here at Vintage Home Stores we will stand with you, we will help you buy a comfy second hand sofa so the next time Boris is caught telling fibs yet again, and we are expected to forgive yet again, at least you can be comfy shouting at the TV.

There is a memory that will live in my head for years to come and that is watching the Queen sit on her own at the funeral of her husband obeying rules even as our head of state, yet behind closed doors party gate was in full swing.

Steve Currie


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