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Don't just take our word for it...

We understand buying online can be somewhat of a gamble with a company you are not familiar with - hell it can be a gamble with a company you are already familiar with - Laura Ashley, Debenhams etc etc

Here at we do things a wee bit different - we have a small warehouse in Skelton in Cleveland - it's not a shop, there are no fancy lights or a swanky showroom - its a functional space that's cheap to run. You see we don't want to be big, we don't want to employ loads of staff and we don't want to promise a service that's too expensive to deliver. Our values are way way more basic. You see we want to continually offer you some great furniture at some great prices and we can only do that if we make some great savings. If you start chasing the turnover you forget what made you successful in the first place.

Oh an that's not us being boastful, crikey are not the slightest bit interested about blowing up our services as that would not match the level of service we pledge. However with 100% feedback through ebay at almost 5000 transactions and thousands of trades on our website we seam to be getting our lever right.

This is just one - see the rest of our ebay feedback here

Phenomenal Sellers! The level of customer service was first class. So helpful and proactive! Honestly, I can’t recommend this company more! The delivery driver was awesome too! So friendly and again very helpful.. every single person I have dealt with at this company.. be it on the phone, email, or in person were super fabulous at their jobs! And all so so happy in their work.. this is exactly how you run an ebay business.. Will most definitely be buying again! Thanks! ☺️☺️☺️l

So.... if you want to deal with a big fancy company that has expensive designer showrooms, swarve commission led sales staff, imported foreign stock that takes forever to ship, huge advertising campaigns, big fancy lights and impressive window displays you are going to hate us. However if you want the best but want to pay the least, if you don't want to wait weeks for your furniture as if its on the site it's within touching distance then is the place for you

See you there...


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