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Second Hand Furniture doesn't have to look Second Hand..

Hey when you're looking to change the car, the first thing us everyday folk do is scour the pages of Facebook, Autotrader, Ebay and Gumtree to find a bargain - we don't just leg it down the Auto Park to get stung by the big ticket Car Dealerships do we? So when you're looking for a fancy sofa, clever people like you head on over to Vintage Home Stores to see what we have kicking about before you pound the pavement!

You see here at Vintage Home Stores we are trying to spearhead a one man revolution on buying second hand furniture because the benefits are massive. Not only do you save an absolute fortune on new (take this Domicil Grey Leather Chesterfield Sofa that would have cost over £2.5k new!), you also get to do your bit for the environment by reusing fantastic items again and again plus now the world is on it's knees with new product delays, you also get it delivered a whole lot quicker too - so it's a win win.

Sadly most second hand furniture stores near me are still stuck in the past, sure they have some super stuff, but they simply don't understand what makes the modern second hand furniture shopper tick. Here was Vintage Home Stores we know you demand:

  • Fantastic choice of items both Vintage Furniture, Second Hand Furniture, Retro Furniture, Mid Century Furniture and Ex Showhome Furniture

  • You want cheap second hand furniture so you can spend the savings on holidays, nights out and the huge increase in the cost of living

  • You want to get Second Hand Furniture Delivered UK, pointless you buying a sofa from Newcastle if the store can't offer an affordable delivery to lets say London. Oh and if they suggest one of the dreaded freight Websites like Anyvan or Shiply run a mile! Not only would it cost you about £200-£300 (we are just £45 to London), but you run the risk of never getting it!

  • You want to buy from a great second hand furniture website uk, you want all of the information clearly listed so you know who you're buying from, what the item is, good photo's, dimensions, easy to use delivery service and easy payment. To be honest and I know I am biased, but there isn't anyone quite like Vintage Home Stores.

So the next time you are looking for a second hand sofa, second hand dining table and chairs, second hand chest of drawers or any fantastic second hand furniture, be sure to check out Vintage Home Stores first - we really are the one stop shop for bargain hunters.

Stephen Currie

The man who pays all the bills


Vintage Home Stores is one of the leading suppliers of Vintage Furniture Antique Furniture and Quality Used Furniture to the UK markets. Our delivery is amongst the cheapest in the country and all items are in stock ready to go.

Be sure to check us out on and also on our socials Facebook and Instagram.


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