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Vintage Home Stores - at home in Skelton in Cleveland...

A lot of people who shop with us have no idea where Skelton in Cleveland actually is - so here are a few facts about the home of Vintage Home Stores.

Skelton-in-Cleveland is a small village located in the borough of Redcar and Cleveland in the North East of England. It has a population of approximately 3,500 people and is a super place to be. We are nestled in-between the rolling North Yorkshire countryside and the crisp North Sea making the perfect place to head for a weekend away too - in fact a lot of people who come here often pop into the Victorian Town of Saltburn for some tasty Fish and Chips - and why not?

There are several notable people who have originated from Skelton-in-Cleveland, including:

  1. Charles Amer - an English professional footballer who played for Middlesbrough, Sheffield United, and Hartlepool United.

  2. William D. Ritson - a British physicist and mathematician who made important contributions to the field of radioactivity.

  3. Harry Lorraine - an English cricketer who played for Yorkshire and England in the 1920s.

  4. Stephen Currie - The boss of Vintage Home Stores!

Skelton-in-Cleveland is also home to the Skelton Castle, a historic castle that was built in the 12th century and is now a private residence.

So there's a two minute read about the place we call home - so why not google it then you can see how far from London we are and sit there in amazement while you ask yourself "how on earth can they deliver 4 items to London for just £42.95!"



About the Author:

Stephen Currie is an esteemed expert in the realm of vintage furniture, used furniture, second-hand furniture, and new furniture. As the proud owner of Vintage Home Stores, he possesses a deep passion and addiction for all things related to furniture. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, Stephen has established himself as a trusted authority.

Stephen is not only an accomplished business owner but also a seasoned guest blogger on various esteemed platforms. His insightful contributions have enlightened readers and provided invaluable information about furniture trends, restoration techniques, and the art of creating a successful furniture business.

If your website is in need of engaging guest blogs or if you seek expert advice on furniture-related topics, Stephen is your go-to resource. With his vast knowledge and expertise, he can provide compelling content that resonates with your audience and enhances the credibility of your platform.

For further inquiries or to explore the possibilities of collaboration, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Stephen is committed to sharing his passion and expertise to contribute to the success of your website or any furniture-related endeavors you may have.


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