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Second Hand Furniture North East

Selling Vintage Furniture, Used Furniture, Antique Furniture and Retro Furniture for our customers

The majority of Vintage Furniture that we sell comes direct form our own warehouses which are located all over the UK - we have literally thousands of items of Vintage Furniture, Antique Furniture, Used Furniture, Second Hand Furniture and Retro Furniture which we use to rent to our commercial clients for all the corporate work we undertake.  


We have noticed over the past 12 months we get at least 30 emails a week asking is we can sell some of our customers items on their behalf, a lot like the auctions houses and ebay do.  People ask this as they find it hard to sell their own items for a number of reasons:


This is a difficult way to sell Secondhand Furniture Online and creates the most number of timewasters. You see although it's free for you to list your item, you will get the least amount of money for it as it's is mostly targeted to your immediate postcode area - we have found most people don't want to travel more than a few miles for an item - yes we will get a barrage of people contradicting this, however this is based on the 12 months we used Facebook as a direct sales tool so it's based on our findings.  Also it's hard to clinch your sale as the majority of people need delivery and you are bound to get 50 messages saying "do you deliver" as well as 100 messages saying "is it still available" arghhhh!  This is so annoying and almost never results in a sale plus you are stuck with the item in your house for an unlimited amount of time while you wait for a buyer


Yes its a super way to sell, but ebay has the opposite problem of Facebook - you see the eBay site is nationwide, therefore your potential customers can live almost anywhere in the UK.  So if you sell your used sofa to London and you live in Redcar you are snookered.  Finding a reliable courier is almost impossible and is so expensive!  So you end up with someone winning your item, messing you about for weeks saying they are trying to arrange delivery, then pull out and you are stuck with the item in your home while yo do the whole thing again.  Plus eBay listing and final value fee's are ridiculous and then you have to factor Paypal fee's too - people think it's a cost effective way to sell - trust us we are the largest ebay seller in the North East in our sector, and it's eyewatering!


If you try selling at auction once you won't ever do it again - this is not an effective way to sell Vintage Secondhand Furniture as it is super expensive taking into account the collection fee, lotting fee, reserve fee, and final value selling fee which in some cases can be upwards of 30%.  So if your secondhand furniture sell's for £100 expect to get back approx £30-£50.  Plus on the whole these only sell to the area local to the auction house, yes some auction houses sell electronically, however once you factor freight in, like eBay it's not economical and if the item does'nt sell you have to pay to get it back.

Vintage Home Stores

Well we have looked at the way other companies sell their items and tried to find a solution where it gets the item out of your way and you get a good price for it without it having to cost you the east.

  • Have the Second Hand Furniture dropped off to us in Skelton (TS12) on a Thursday 9am - 2pm or you can book our courier at the same rates we get -

  • We will get it in, photograph it, list it on our website and ebay, store it for free for 4 weeks and manage all questions and queries.  The selling price will be agreed between both of us - no point you being unrealistic with a price we know you won't achieve - we always think of our buyers and need them to always buy at the best price

  • When the item sells we will arrange delivery throughout the coverage areas we advertise - remember its the buyer that pays the delivery fee not you - and remember this is the best delivery price in the UK.

  • All clients own items will be clearly marked on our site so they are easy to identify.

  • 14 Days after delivery we will pay you by Bank Transfer the amount the item sold for less commission - our fee's are based on the value of the item - the higher price the item the less commission you pay.  The reason we wait 14 days as we are an online retailer, and we have to allow 14 days for the buyer if they need to return it by law.

So taking all of those factors into account, we think it's the best way to sell the Used Second Hand Furniture.

If you would like to learn more, please email  We will reply to all emails that contain the following information

  1. You name, address and postcode

  2. A picture of the item concerned - if you are wanting to sell more than one item, we need a picture of each item

  3. Information on the items condition / age etc

  4. Your desired price

It is pointless sending us the picture of say a glazed wall unit and say you want £500 back for it as even charity shops don't take them for free - we are particular on what we take as we are always thinking of our buyers shopping experience.  Just be realistic and remember you don't want it anymore, but if in doubt ask us for our advice - we are from the North East so dont sugar coat our replies, we will give you our advice and if it doesn't work for you that's fine - remember we don't need the extra work, we just like to help and give unwanted furniture a new home.

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